Kevin Yu, Dr. Ulrich Eck, Prof. Nassir Navab


Immersive Virtual Reality can be a memorable medium for story-telling and artistic expression. However, taking snapshots of VR applications is commonly only possible by taking a two-dimensional screenshot on a tethered PC. We propose to capture 3D snapshots using the interaction technique World-In-Miniature (WiM) by using virtual RGB-D cameras to create three-dimensional snapshots that can be exported and viewed outside the application.
We further describe a novel interaction method to fine-tune the content shown inside the WiM with VR controllers. This project is open-source and can be accessed at


This work was presented during the IEEE VR 2022 3DUI contest and intends to explore the function of snapshot and enable its functionality beyond the project of ArtekMed. Therefore, we made the source of this project publicly available for everyone to try out and integrate into their own projects. The code is available here: 

A pre-compiled executable for Windows is available here: 
The executable requires SteamVR already installed on the PC. We recommend using a VR headset with the Vive Controllers.


Feature Video  


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